Group Workouts

Group Workouts

Best way to get the beach body of your dreams, DON'T MISS OUT one hour group session with me! For Registration: +971 5 29 78 03 30

ABS Training

ABS Training

Best way to get rid of your back pain and have a better posture is to train your core. Know how to train your ABS with me!

Cardio Blast

Cardio Blast

Reduce your stress, sleep better and prevent heart diseases with High Intensity Interval Training sessions.

Strength Training

Strength Training

Learn how to train your strength. I will show you how to protect your joints from injury and build up muscle!

Cross Fit

Cross Fit

I will show you how to use your body-weight for resistance and build power all over your body. Your body will be stronger and in a better shape.

Boxing Training

Boxing Training

I will use boxing exercises to tone up, sculpt your body and help you release all the stress out. You will also learn self-defense with me.

Jump Rope Exercises

Jump Rope Exercises

According to Science Daily, 10 minutes of skipping rope is about equivalent to running an 8-minute-mile. So, i will make you fly!

Body weight

Body weight

I will show you dozens of body-weight moves that will give you the best results ever and can replace your favorite gym equipment!

About Me


Here are some testimonials of my clients. To read more testimonials, click on each name.

Celine Manou

If I could add another star I would do !! Coach Meddy is definitely THE coach. After only 10 lessons my objectifs were already achieved and I had a lot of fun. I never did twice the same exercice, he always arranged the lessons regarding my constraints (once he improvised the lesson at last minute when I came with my baby so we used him as a weight !), he has made me love thai boxing. After each lesson I couldn't wait for the next one !! I definitely recommend Coach Meddy and will definitely sign for new classes :)

Laurie Armand

I've finally found the only man on earth who is able to wake me up at 7.30am! I'm grateful to train with a great coach, discovering unexpected muscles... Stronger I am but what I've been through was an adventure of madness! Pain, laugh, sweat... Beginning again! Thank you Meddy! I would never get bored of suffering! #bestcoach #teammeddy #merci

Moufadal Guillaume

Coach Meddy is really professional and is an acheiver. The results is has acheive are really impressive and he has a deep knowledge of what he does and the way of training and the diet to adop in order to acheive. He is not just a simple coach but he is dedicated professional coach which makes you change your lifestyle and reach sustainable results!!! Keep it up!!

Aida KM

With Coach Meddy the transformation is not only physical but also mental. Thank you for everything you bring out of me

Lucille Du Angassac

When you think you've lost your body forever.. you don't know how to take care of yourself anymore and feel lost... Just call Meddy. He honestly got me out of a circle of junk food and lazyness drawn by working too much and not taking care of myself. He will push you to your limits until you realize your limits get further everyday....

Frederic Duranton

.Already starting my 3rd pack with Meddy and every session is a real challenge and a real pleasure. A lot of progress and achievement done in a relatively short period of time. Lot of the objectives are reached but not all :-), so I can`t stop... I would recommend him for his professionalism and his dedication to his team. Good to be part of #Meddyteam.

Michael Donovan

I have completed 12 months of personal training with Dubai's number one personal trainer: Coach Meddy, and have lost 40kg in the process! Ready for great opportunities ahead!!


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Increase the productivity of your employees through a wellness program.

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Health risks will be identified and eliminated.

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