Successful companies know that the most valuable assets of their business rely on employees. However, this value is often affected by employees' overall well- being.

Lack of Exercise coupled with unhealthy food choices can lead your company to face several inconveniences such as lack of performance, increase of premium medical insurance and poor productivity. Prevention is a key component to break this cycle and lead your business towards the road to success. Corporate wellness programs are a win-win solution for both employees & employers. Employees see their morale and engagement improving along with their health. Employers get back a better productivity and retain their most productive employees longer.


  •  Reduce overall costs
  • Increase moral & engagement of your employees
  • Increase responsibility
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Increase company loyalty
  • Improve work performance
  • decrease health insurance costs
  • Reduce sick leave
  • Team building
  • get a high return on investment
  • No equipment is required

Wellness days at MBC Group